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Will you consider helping us make a BIG difference in the world?

You can join our community working together to give back to those in need.

Your support keeps the message of hope reaching those struggling with addictions at local organizations like Teen Challenge.

The first $2 of your monthly donation also helps sponsor a child through Holt International. Just $2 a month can give a child food, clothing, clean water and healthcare. Just $2.

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It may seem impossible that YOU can help make a difference in the lives of those struggling with addictions. It may even seem impossible that YOU can make a difference in the lives of orphans around the world, but you can be that change.

What's Inside...

Backstage Pass


  • For every 17 sponsors, together you sponsor a child from Holt International. You've helped save a life.


  • A Daily Dose of worship delivered to your inbox


  • Behind the scenes video devotionals, photos, and more


  • Sneak peeks of what we're working on next


  • Our blog delivered to you in advance


  • A digital copy of my 2nd album "Every Minute Miracles"

What others are saying...

Dave's band has the "There is Hope" movement to help combat addiction and Dave serves as an ambassador to get sponsorships for children in need around the world. I had found a place where I could seed into the community and the world.

The message of Jesus is being delivered in what I think is the most effective way possible, worship music. The word says to be a cheerful giver, I am a cheerful giver, I am pleased to serve Jesus Christ by supporting an Artist who is so dedicated to serving.

Dave and his band need our support to continue their good work. A year ago I was looking for places to donate. I support my church but I also wanted to support the community and the world. I found Monday Night Worship where I heard about joining Dave's band.

Christian music is a huge part of my worship. I was impressed to learn that Dave Pettigrew could follow his heart while writing music. He is an Independent Artist who answers only to God, not to a label.


Your support helps our community grow.

It changes lives in the name of Jesus.  When you become a member of Join Dave's Band, the first $2 goes to support a child through Holt International, then EVERY PENNY goes to directly funding the new album, future albums, promotion, LIVE videos, and LIVE events so others can hear the message of hope. With your support, you become a part of bringing HOPE to those who desperately need it.