Today is about a Love.

3.30.18 – Today is about a Love.

The day was most likely dark like it is today. Words were exchanged. Insults issued. Beatings. Spitting. Hurt. In all of this it might have seemed like Love was absent. That Love was nowhere to be found. It’s hard to find Love in the midst of such darkness. Little did they they know that in all of this, the greatest act of Love that could ever be given was being given. He took the pain, the hurt, the insults, all of it, to show His love for me. For you. Jesus, today and every day defines Love. Today is about sacrifice, about a Love that can’t be defined or described because it’s beyond our comprehension. Today is about Love. Be thankful. Be joyous. But remember today the unconditional, overwhelming Love of a man who laid down His life for you and me.