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Me – Video Devotional.

Let’s talk about me today. I mean you. Everyday we are served up to 10,000 ads telling us who we should be. God tells us who we should be and that’s the only guide we need. Let’s be transformed today to be the me that God wants us to be. Comment below and tell me…

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Undertow – Video Devotional.

Undertow. We all get stuck in it. Life continues to hit us hard every day. So many things pull us away from God. What pulls you away from God? What distracts you from being with Him more? Think about it. Comment below on how we can pray for you and help you overcome your Undetow.

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Love Is Here – Video Devotional

Love Is Here. All about the love of Jesus. In Romans it tells us that there’s nothing on Earth that can separate us from God. Watch the video and replace the word “love” with the word “Jesus”. Let it wash over you. How has this song worked in your life?

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