Daily Devotions with davepettigrew – Season 1. Episode 2. Change.

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Daily Devotions Day 2 – Change

Today we’ll be praying on how we face change…

Can I REALLY Change?

This devotion was taken in no small part from a book that I was reading by Craig Groeschel called “Divine Direction”.  I have to give credit where credit is due. Here’s the quote that I read in the devotional:

“What are you doing that’s not good for you?  What do you need to stop so that you can tell the story that God wants you to tell?  What’s the next decision you need to make to change the direction of your life? What is it that you need to stop so that you can move forward in the story you want to live?  Pick one thing you know you need to stop doing in order to change your story’s direction. Write it down on a piece of paper.”

I really like this series of questions and the meaning behind them all.  The basic premise is that so many of us, especially around January, make these crazy new year’s resolutions that we’ll never be able to keep past the first week.  Craig’s idea is to take one thing, not five, not ten but one and work on that one thing so that you can stay focused on it and claim the win. Maybe it’s only one thing in one year.  One thing per year that you change. The point is we need to make changes.

What’s your one thing?

Read the Bible more?
Spend more time with family?
Work less, have more free time?



I can’t make the decision for you…..but you can.  Today. Now. Grab a piece of paper. A real piece of paper made from a tree and then grab a pen.  Something that you can actually write with. Not a note in your phone, not a draft of an email. Take a pen or a pencil and a piece of paper and write down one thing that you’re going to change.  Then…put it on your night stand. Hang it on your bathroom mirror. Put it on the dash of your car. Just put it somewhere where you can see it, be reminded of it and actually pray about it. Because, it’s not going to happen unless you start praying about it.  God needs to be in the equation.  If it’s too much for you, get help.  Talk to your pastor, get an accountability partner.  The point is, make the change. 

There are so many things that take us away from, really far away from, who God wants us to be.  We are creatures of habit and we don’t like change.

Let’s fight the temptation to stay in the norm and let’s become a community of believers who change and help others change.

Today.  Let’s change together.

Once you’ve had some time to reflect on your one thing drop a comment below and we’ll pray for you!

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