This is YeaYi. She’s being sponsored by our generous supporters here in Join Dave’s Band. Be sure to read her updates above and please, please, please pray for her. Thanks. Folks sponsoring her are listed below.

Charlene Klingen
Bob Klingen
Lisa Fackelman
Marian Newell
Arlene Roeland
Johanna Ferreira
Carlos Cortes
Kirk Campion
Alicia Aken
Linda Renfroe

Thanks so much for sponsoring this beautiful little girl with us.

Be sure to comment below when you pray for her!

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  1. Peggy F on December 1, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    Praying for all these beautiful children today . Jesus You hold them all n the palm of Your Hand, continue to pour your love into their hearts, and they grow healthy and learn more and more about You Jesus, and how much you love Yea Li and Sopheaktra and every single boy and girl on this list.
    Thank You Jesus for each and every one.

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