This is Madel. She’s being sponsored by our generous supporters here in Join Dave’s Band. Be sure to read her updates above and please, please, please pray for her. Thanks. Folks sponsoring her are listed below.

Nikole Paulson
Shirley Lacombra
Lisa Emmelot
Rosie Pettigrew
Catherine Deroche
Jolene Fike
Lillian Dyson
Susan Schwartz
Lynn Pruchnic
Gretchin Goss
Deborah Sica
Keli Price
Fred Rodriguez
Theresa Rehaluk
April Andrews
Melissa Patterson
Sheila Culhane

Thanks so much for sponsoring this beautiful little girl with us.

Be sure to comment below when you pray for her!

2/12/21 – CHILD UPDATE:

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  1. Suzanne R on April 12, 2021 at 8:24 am

    Happy Birthday !!

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