9.14.20 – Daily Dose of Worship. A study on the Holy Spirit. Part 65. The world.

PRAYER: Please pray today for the 5 people who sponsored kids at last nights show. Pray for blessings on them and their families and pray for the kids that were sponsored.

DEVOTION: “You are not of this world. If you want to stay in this world, you cannot go on with God. If you are not of this world, your position in the world in your banking affairs and everything else will have the least effect on you. Yet you will know that everything will work for your good if you climb the ladder of faith with God. ” (pg 92)

I just wanted to take a minute and once again remind all of us that we are not of this world. As much as we think we are. As much as we fall in love and fall in deep with the ways of the world, we are not of this world. We are Children of God whose home is in heaven. Remember this.

“But God cannot work for you; you are so involved in the world that He cannot get your attention. How can someone get into this divine order when he is torn between these two things; God and the world? He cannot let himself go and let God take him.” (pg 92)

Again, our focus should be on the Lord. Not the world. The question posed here is a good one. How can God get our attention when our attention is so focused on all the things of the world?

Take time today to surrender some of the temptations that you fall victim to in this world. Surrender them to God. Let the Spirit of God in you reveal them to you and then surrender them.

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