8.18.20 – Daily Dose of Worship. A study on the Holy Spirit. Part 38. Me.

PRAYER: Prayers up today for Anthony. He has pancreatic cancer. Prayers for health during his treatments.

DEVOTION: “God chose Saul. What was he? A blasphemer. A persecutor. That is grace. Our God is gracious, and He loves to show His mercy to the vilest and worst of men.” (pg 60)

Pretty amazing few sentences aren’t they? I think we know this but sometimes it’s great to read it and hear it again.

You see, our God used Saul in a way that He never dreamed possible. Saul was a bad man. He was a killer of Christians. This was his job, his passion. Yet, God stopped Him and changed His life. Now, as Paul, he is accredited with writing a majority of the New Testament.

He was a persecutor. A blasphemer.

How about you? Are you a persecutor of Christians? A blasphemer against God? Probably not. We’re sinners. We have days that are better than others but we’re still sinners.

God still wants to use us. Every one of us to be his “oracle”, His “beacon” as we were speaking about yesterday. This light that we have in us is meant to shine. And shine brightly. It’s not meant to be hid.

So. I know you might feel unworthy. You might feel like you have nothing to give, nothing to offer. God can use it. The light that God has put in you shines for others to see. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Today. Be the me that God made you to be.

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