8.1.20 – Daily Dose of Worship. A study on the Holy Spirit. Part 22. Power?

PRAYER: Please pray today for a stronger belief in Jesus. A stronger belief in His Spirit living inside of you.

DEVOTION: 1 John 2:20 says this, “You have an anointing from the Holy One.” Acts 1:8 says this, “You shall receive power.”

Oh, may God grant that we will never forget it. What do I mean by that? Many people, instead of standing on the rock-solid word of faith and believing that they have received the baptism with it’s anointing and power, say, “Oh, if I could only feel that I have received it.”

My friend, your feelings rob you of your greatest place of anointing. Your feelings are a place very often of discouragement. You have to get away from the sense of all human feeling and desire. Earthly desires are not God’s desires. All thoughts of holiness, all thoughts of purity, all thoughts of power from the Holy Spirit are from above. Human thoughts are like clouds that belong to the earth.

“God’s thoughts are not our thoughts.” – Isaiah 55:8

These thoughts that continue to fill our mind. The thoughts of the world. The desires of the world. The pressures of the world. All of it. Smith here and the writers in the Bible are encouraging us to dive deep into our own thoughts and psyche to get beyond the earthly desires and thoughts. To dig deep and find Jesus in the midst of our thoughts.

The more that we focus on this world. The more we are going to be bound to this world. The more we focus on Jesus, the more we are going to be bound to Jesus. I want to be bound to Jesus. I want His thoughts to be my thoughts. I want His actions to be my actions. I want His love to be my love.

Easier said than done, yes, I know that. But from what John proclaims, that we have anointing from the Holy One, and what Paul proclaims, that we will receive power, I think the focus should be on Jesus. The world gives us some nice “stuff” but Jesus gives us life everlasting and life eternal. He gives us love, hope, peace, joy, kindness…the list goes on and on.

Let’s focus today on Jesus. Let’s let our thoughts reflect Him and reflect all that He brings into our lives. Die to the world, live for Jesus.

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