7.25.20 – Daily Dose of Worship. A study on the Holy Spirit. Part 15. Disturbances.

PRAYER: Please pray today for John tonight. God knows what He is in need of.

DEVOTION: Yesterday we spoke about being ordinary and how God makes us extraordinary.

Today, let’s talk about peace. I love Smith’s section on this. Here’s what he says:

The peace that comes from above is always full of purity and is life-giving, and it never brings destruction to anyone. And the wisdom is on the same line; and all purification on every line never disturbs you. It is only what is earthly that disturbs you. You cannot be disturbed by a heavenly breath. God is with us on a heavenly breath, and in that action you cannot be disturbed. If you are disturbed from this day, know it is an earthly thing that is disturbing you.

So much there but the end thought is that our affliction and disturbances come from earthly things. Earthly pressures. Our jobs, our families, our schedule, our desire for things that we just don’t need. The list goes on and on.

The world puts so much pressure on us to accumulate things, accumulate wealth, accumulate recognition.

The Spirit pushes us towards heavenly things.

Smith, in this section, is urging us to look deeply into heavenly things. Deeply into what God has to offer and reject the pressures, the disturbances of the world.

How are you doing with that today?

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