6.7.21 – Daily Dose of Worship. A study on Matthew. Part 125. Process.

Matthew 9:4 says this: “”And Jesus, perceiving their thoughts, said, ‘Why are you thinking evil in your hearts?”

It’s important to realize that these men are not being condemned for simple skepticism. Later encounters will show their opposition to Jesus is intentional, hardened, and unfair (John 5:39–40). This is why their sin is described as that of “unbelief.” Despite the displays of power and authority they have seen Him demonstrate, they have prejudiced themselves out of pride. They have failed to recognize the truth of His identity in His authoritative teaching. Ignoring the signs and evidence, they prefer to believe Jesus is a mere mortal under their authority. He will show them once more that He is not.

Part of Jesus’ strategy here is to begin with a claim that’s “easier” to make, since it’s hard to test: the authority to forgive sins. Once His critics respond, Jesus will prove His power by making and fulfilling a claim which is impossible to falsify (Matthew 9:5–7).

Once again we’re seeing that the process of convincing people of who Jesus is was exactly that. A process, it’s not an overnight thing. Even thought wonders, miracles and incredibly amazing things were happening…people are stubborn. Our egos get in the way. Our doubts get in the way.

It’s a process to walk with Jesus and surrender to all that He brings to our lives. Let the process deepen today.

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