6.3.21 – Daily Dose of Worship. A study on Matthew. Part 121. Drown.

We’re talking about these demon possessed dudes that see Jesus and immediately recognize Him as the Son of God and the authority over everything. They have accepted their fate and ask Jesus to send them into a herd of pigs.

Matthew 8:33 says this, “”And He said to them, ‘Go!’ And they came out and went into the pigs; and behold, the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the sea and drowned in the waters.”

So…this is kind of a wild scene.

Herdsmen responsible for the care and feeding of 2,000 pigs (Mark 5:13) have just witnessed the animals lose their minds and rush into the sea to drown themselves. They are also aware that the two demon-possessed men who lived in the tombs outside of town have been freed from their demons by a stranger. They may have understood that the stranger sent the demons from the men into the pigs (Matthew 8:28–32).

The herdsmen do exactly what one would expect an employee to do when a disaster strikes a business: they rush into town to tell what they have seen. Part of this would include explaining to the pig’s owners what has happened to their profits, as well as telling about the strange man who seemed to have caused it all. Whether or not Jesus’ reputation was established in this region, or not, His role in this incident would certainly have caused a stir.

Imagine this. A herd of 2000 pigs, not just a few but 2000 completely lose their minds and rush into the waters and drown. The shock must have been incredible. People must have just had their mouths hanging open not quite believing what they had just witnessed.

Yet, Jesus, once again, shows how unconventional He was. We never know how the miracle will happen, but we do know that when Jesus is there, something amazing is going to happen.


  1. Margaret K on June 3, 2021 at 6:22 am

    Yes, when Jesus is there something amazing will happen.
    Just imagine what life would be like if we always remember that.
    No matter what the situation or circumstance; “Jesus is here so something amazing will happen.”
    Imagine that.

  2. Peggy F on June 3, 2021 at 10:52 am

    One word from Jesus and demons flee……..” GO”……….imagine how these two men, freed from these demons……….felt!!! Joy, peace, how they must have rejoiced!!!!! Love is………………………….

  3. Bruce B on June 3, 2021 at 1:27 pm

    W I L B U R !!!!

    That name kept running thru my mind as I read today’s devotional!

    Laughter doeth good like a medicine!

    (But will anyone understand?)

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