6.13.21 – Daily Dose of Worship. A study on Matthew. Part 131. Jesus.

Matthew 9:12 says this, a great, great verse right here….

“But when Jesus heard this, He said, ‘It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick.”

The Pharisees make baffled accusations at the dinner that Jesus is at. They are asking Jesus’ disciples why He eats with these people, something they would never do (Matthew 9:11). Now Jesus answers them in a way that both explains His actions and exposes the Pharisees.

Healthy people don’t need a doctor, Jesus says. Sick people do. Jesus was not declaring the Pharisees to be healthy, but pointing out that they saw themselves that way. Jesus told them He was there to help people who knew they were sick. Spiritually speaking, they understood they needed help. They were open to the truth: that they needed saving.

Two important applications emerge from this statement. First, the purpose of good works and evangelism is to reach the lost (Matthew 5:11–16). Christians are not called on to barricade themselves away from anyone they see as a “sinner.” Of course, it’s important to guard friendships and associations (Psalm 1:1; 1 Corinthians 15:33). However, believers cannot live out the love of Christ while avoiding all possible contact with lost people (1 Corinthians 5:9–10). Self-labelled Christians, or churches, who turn their noses up at sinners are like doctors, or hospitals, who refuse to associate with sick people.

Second, Jesus was not condoning the wrong choices of the people He spent time with. Showing love and kindness does not require—and does not imply—endorsing everything the other person does or believes. Christ was introducing them to Himself as the only way to be forgiven and redeemed. He was showing them the true face of God, full of love and compassion for them.

Churches are beautiful places. But it’s not the building that makes the church, it’s the people. We don’t need a building in order to spread the hope and love of Jesus. We need Jesus.


  1. Peggy F on June 13, 2021 at 2:42 pm

    Amen! Jesus looked beyond the circumstances, and into the heart.
    “The Love of God, is greater far, than tongue or pen, could ever tell,
    It goes beyond the highest star, and reaches to the lowest hell…………. this song comes to mind.

  2. Suzanne R on June 17, 2021 at 8:37 pm

    Amen !!

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