5.9.20 – Daily Dose of Worship. 1 John 2:7. Love.

PRAYER: Please pray for Sunday. As Gods word is delivered, hearts would hear it.

DEVOTION: “Dear friends, I am not writing a new commandment for you; rather it is an old one you have had from the very beginning. This old commandment—to love one another—is the same message you heard before.” – ‭‭1 John‬ ‭2:7

Love. Repeated over and over again in the Bible. Actually over 500 times depending on what translation you read.

During this pandemic we see love in so many ways. It’s been incredible to watch the tireless efforts of volunteers and folks on the front lines. The love of Jesus indeed.

Yet, John feels the need to once again repeat an old commandment that has been given so many times. Why? Because it’s so very important. Certainly one of the most important commandments if not the most important commandment. Love one another.

Practice love.

Practice patience.

Practice tolerance.

Practice humility.

Practice hope.

Today. May it be so.

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