5.8.17 – the Weekly Walk- Kadosh – Holy.

5.8.17 – The Weekly Walk.


Good afternoon everyone. Hope you’re well and the week was great. I’ve been running a lot lately because I’ve been needing to clear my mind. I’ve graduated from listening to music while I run to listening to podcasts. The one that I’ve settled on lately is the Robcast by Rob Bell. Now, before you go off in a tangent about how Rob is a heretic and has no idea what he’s talking about, the dude has some GREAT thoughts & some great understanding of the bible and the way it works in our lives.

Today’s podcast was titled “4 more words with Rabbi Joel” and they were talking about the word “Kadosh” which in Hebrew means “holy”. The way that Rob described it is that sometimes he feels that holiness is almost unattainable. Then we have these experiences and moments where sometimes the only word you can think of is “holy”. When everything feels right and perfect. We live in this world where so many things just break your heart, so many things aren’t everything that they could be. We’re so used to things falling short of what they could be. We have this ache, this desire for things to be so good & so perfect but they don’t quite get there. Then, there are these moments when things are so perfect and pristine that you just have to pause & separate that moment as a moment of distinction and say to yourself…this is untainted, this is perfect. I long for more of those moments.
We’ve all had these moments and if you say that you haven’t then you’d be lying. Think. Just for a minute. Stop reading. Think of a moment or an experience that just transcended normal life & became something beyond that, something holy.

For me, I remember this day where I was in the backyard with my daughter. It was a day before I was leaving on a long business trip and we had a few hours to spend together. We turned the sprinkler on. It’s the kind of sprinkler that rotates back and forth. It was probably 90 degrees and the sun was shining through the trees. The leaves were sparkling because they were wet from the water. We lay on our backs in the middle of the driveway and let the water fall on us every 10 seconds or so. We laughed. We smiled. We talked about the day, about the sun, about where I was going and how she didn’t want me to go. We talked about her stuffed animals and how the driveway was nice and warm against the cool water that was falling on us. We talked and laughed and smiled and just got to experience this “holy” moment together.

I can think of another when I’m on stage and I see people with their eyes closed, hands lifted high and heads raised to heaven. Watching people worship and react to the worship that we bring forth is a holy moment for me. It’s a moment where I know I’m aligned with God’s purpose because He’s using me & my band to draw others closer to Him. He’s using my voice, my hands, the music, the rhythm and the words to let people know that He’s with us. He’s in the middle of it all. He lives in our worship and lives in our lives. He’s not leaving. He’ll never leave. He’s continuing to walk with us even when it hurts. Even when it’s perfect. Even when we can’t feel Him holding us. He is.

It’s those moments when the thing that’s in front of you isn’t the thing that broken. It’s the thing that’s right. That’s good.

Think. Find those moments. Remember those moments. Write them down.


Rabbi Joel continues on to say that Leviticus 19:1 starts by saying that “You shall be holy because I the Lord Your God am Holy.” It goes on to say that we have tools in our lives where we can bring holiness into the world. We are supposed to emulate God’s holiness through the way that we act in the world and that it is possible to bring more holiness into the world, we just have to read the ways in which we can do that and then put them into action. “Love your neighbor as yourself”. “Don’t steal”. “Don’t lie.” “Don’t deceive one another” and so on. There are all these ways that we can bring holiness into the world. If we want to bring holiness into the world it is not up to God to do it, it is up to us. We have to take action. Here are the tools. Go and do it. If you think the world is really broken, there are ways to bring more holiness to it. The question is how do we interpret it and how do we take action. Human action matters.
The way that you conduct yourself in every day, very small actions makes a huge difference. A huge difference.

I could go on and on here but I think the point has been made. I’ve had a very hard few weeks. It’s been difficult and frustrating and painful and heartbreaking. I continue to fight through feelings of sadness and hurt. But…then I think of these holy moments. These gifts that God has given me. These moments that I can draw upon and say to myself, He is here. He is walking with me. I can be thankful through it all. I can trust Him through it all. I can lean on Him through it all.

Let’s work on finding these holy moments and pushing the holy into our everyday lives. This is how we bring His Kingdom here to earth.