4.30.17 – there is hope.

4.30.17 – We’ve been out on tour with Love & the Outcome for the past 5 days.  It’s been great and we’ve been meeting some amazing people.  Last night, after our set, I met a guy who has been sober for 42 years. After we played There Is Hope in our set, he told me that he struck up a conversation with a young guy behind him who was also in recovery.  They got to talking and decided to go out to dinner after the show so that they could get to know each other better and so that the older guy could help him with his sobriety and become his sponsor.  How amazing does God work?   This song continues to amaze me.  This message of hope continues to ring strong in people’s lives.  Join the hope movement.  Helps us save lives.  Go to http://www.buydpstuff.com to order a bracelet or T-Shirt today.  There is hope, and last night proved that to me again.  All the glory to our Father in heaven.