4.24.20 – Daily Dose of Worship. Psalm 73:26. Hold fast.

PRAYER: Please pray for all that happened tonight during our livestream.

DEVOTION: “My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.” – Psalms‬ ‭73:26‬

The Psalmist here is putting his entire trust and faith in God. Even in the midst of failing health and having a spirit that is weakened. God is still the strength, the hope, the anchor.

Hold fast today. Let his spirit be your strength. Even though weakness and worry set in. Hold fast. Let God in and let him take control

May it be so in your life and my life today.


  1. Suzanne on April 25, 2020 at 8:39 am


    • William Dagenhart on April 25, 2020 at 11:23 am

      Thanks Dave

  2. Peggy F on April 25, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    Amen and Amen ! Jesus You are the anchor that holds ! No matter how our emotions try to to block the flow of Your Presence, You are our sure anchor, in this and any storm !!!!! …God remains the strength of my heart He is mine forever !

  3. Wanda on April 27, 2020 at 9:41 pm

    In Jesus name, Amen!

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