2.18.20 – Daily Dose of Worship. Comfortable?

PRAYER: Please pray for our prayer requests from last nights Monday Night Worship livestream. Lots going on there.

DEVOTION: A lot of conversations lately about going into the unknown. About faith. About trust.

God calls us deeper and deeper into the unknown which results in a deeper and deeper faith in Him. A deeper trust in Him. A deeper reliance on Him.

Bob Goff wrote this. “God guides us into uncomfortable places because He knows that we are too comfortable to take ourselves there.”

Makes you think a little doesn’t it. How comfortable are you? I’m finding myself getting more and more uncomfortable as I dive deeper into this full time ministry. I’m being taught more and more about trust.

I encourage you today. Think about your comfort level. Think about your trust level.

Are you too comfortable to take the next step?

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