12.26.20 – Daily Dose of Worship. A study on prayer. Part 40. Open.

DEVOTION: “Our real protection is to be sought elsewhere; in common Christian usage, in moral theology, in steady rational thinking, in the advice of good friends and good books, and (if need be) in a skilled spiritual director. Swimming lessons are better than a lifeline to the shore.” (Pg 100)

Swimming lessons are better than a lifeline to the shore.

There are many truths in this paragraph. So often we are looking for something that sometimes is right in front of us. We are asking for answers to prayer and yet we have not seen the answer on our doorstep.

We set aside advice from friends or wisdom found in the middle of paragraphs in books that we read.

I remember a pastor friend told me once that prayer is answered in mysterious ways. In lines from movies, in lyrics to a song, in the middle of a conversation. Answers are everywhere…yet we miss them constantly.

We need to be open to the possibility that prayers are being answered in unorthodox ways. In ways that seem unlikely and foreign to us.

Practice this skill. Learn to see outside the lines and outside the box. God is an incredibly creative God, sometimes answers aren’t formed in the way we expect them to be.

Be open today to new things.

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  1. Jonathan B on December 26, 2020 at 9:23 pm

    How is God answering your prayers today? Are you listening to his answers? OR are you just adding to the collection? Take the time today to raise your ears and your hearts to God. For he will be the one to answer the prayers. Trust in his ways and trust in his heart. Amen.

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