10.16.20 – Daily Dose of Worship. A study on the Holy Spirit. Part 97. Help?

DEVOTION: “The Holy Spirit has come with one definite purpose, and that is to reveal to us the Father and the Son in all their different branches of helpfulness to humanity. The Spirit has come to display almighty power so that the weak may be made strong…” (pg 167)

I’m not sure I ever thought about it this way before. The Spirit came with a definite purpose. I think I always thought of the Spirit as….an afterthought to God and Jesus? Maybe?

But the definite purpose that the Spirit comes with. The purpose of revealing to you and me the Father and the Son in “all their different branches of helpfulness to humanity.”

I love this quote. It reminds us that we are so broken. It reminds us that Jesus is here to help. Not to bring guilt or shame to us because we don’t stack up to expectations. But to bring hope. To bring help. To every aspect of our being. Every part of it. Not just some. Not just the parts that we think we can’t handle, but every part.

He is a help to humanity.

Let’s remember and realize that today.

PRAYER: Please pray today for the 2 kids that were sponsored last night. We had an amazing evening of worship in Yardley, PA. Pray for the kids and the families that sponsored them. Pray for continued blessings on both sides. Thanks.

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  1. Jon Blume on October 16, 2020 at 9:36 am

    Be filled this and every day and give thanks to the one who gave you that, Jesus. I know I’m filled with the holy spirit. I see it in all that’s around me, in all those that God puts in my path, in the words he gives me to share with others. Rest in his glory. Rest in the love he shares with us. Wow! God is good.

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