10.12.20 – Daily Dose of Worship. A study on the Holy Spirit. Part 93. Words.

DEVOTION: “Sometimes people wonder why it is that the Holy Spirit is always expressing Himself in words. It cannot be otherwise. You could not understand it otherwise. You cannot understand God by shakings, and yet shakings may be in perfect order sometimes. But you can always tell when the Spirit moves and brings forth utterances. They are always utterances that magnify God. The Holy Spirit has a perfect plan. He comes right through every man who is so filled and brings divine utterances so that we may understand what the mind of the Lord is.” (Pg 160)

We were speaking about this the other night on our Worship Underground Bible Study. How there are moments in our lives, in our conversations, in our experiences where words start to come out of our mouths and we have no idea where they are coming from.

Words of encouragement, of hope, of grace, of forgiveness, of mercy.

Sometimes, we utter these words and we actually don’t know where the thoughts are coming from. This is from the Spirit. The Spirit in us uttering words that magnify God.

These words magnify God because they are words of the Father. Words of hope, love, forgiveness. Words that breath life into the person receiving them.

Today. Know that your words are powerful, that sometimes they speak life to others. Sometimes they speak hope to others. Sometimes they speak forgiveness to others. They allow the person receiving them to realize the truth of the Father. To realize the hope of the Father.

Let your words speak life today.

PRAYER: Pray today that God would use your words to give life to others.


  1. Carol B on October 14, 2020 at 10:49 am

    Lord help me to be an instrument of you through the words you give me. Help me to listen to that. Like yesterday when I was at the hospital and out of my mouth the first words that were not mine but yours came out asking this nurse what church she went to. How a whole conversation started because of this. Lord I know that was you. As I’m still surprised I did that. So know it was you God. Help me to listen to you more.

  2. Jon Blume on November 17, 2020 at 8:54 pm

    Lord let my words be of you. Let them be the right words. Let it be the right time. In your name. Amen

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