1.22.18 – There Is Hope Movement stories….

1.22.17 – Good afternoon everyone.
Just working through some of the stories that i’ve been hearing over the past month before & after shows at the merch table.  We were out on tour w/ Paul Baloche in December.  We had some amazing nights of worship as many of you know.  So many new fans and new supporters for the There Is Hope Movement.
There was one show where i remember being almost overwhelmed by the reaction to the story about my nephew Ryan.  I had two people in particular that i remember speaking with.
One was a mom who came up to me and said that she was buying a “There Is Hope” bracelet for her daughter and one for herself.  She wasn’t sure where her daughter was right now because she hadn’t been in contact with her for days.  The last time she’s heard from her she was told that she’d been living on the streets in Philadelphia.   Her daughter, she continued, has been a constant user of heroin, had been in and out of re-hab houses & rarely reached out for help.  Her mom kept tabs on her through friends and by her just driving through the streets where she’d seen her before to find her.  We both had tears in our eyes as we prayed together asking that God would continue to keep her safe and continue to open her mind & heart to the idea of getting clean & staying clean.   That God would be with her mom as she continued to fight for her daughter & her recovery.
Later that night, a young girl came forward and said that she was buying a bracelet to remember her dad.  He had died of an overdose and left behind this 14 year old girl and her mom.  I had tears in my eyes as I handed her the bracelet and told her that we would continue to pray for her.  For healing and for hope to overcome the grief.
I want to stop having these conversations.  I want to find more ways to help more people.  Join us as we continue to push Hope into our neighborhoods, our schools, our churches and our families.
The There Is Hope Movement exists to act as a conduit between those who need help and those who can help.  Join us.