10.7.17 – the weekly walk. speechless.

10.7.17 – the weekly walk.  speechless.

It’s rare that I drive home in silence after a show.   I’m usually listening to an audio book, podcast or some bob seger or some other great driving music.
This past Wednesday, after our show in Montclair, NJ I was left speechless and needed the silence to help me process all that happened.
Quite a few things happened on Wednesday that I will never forget.  To give you a little background.  We have just come off a very, very busy September with a ton of gigs, lots of work and just general overall non-stopness that gets overwhelming at times.  I walked into the gig that night not expecting much, was thinking that this might be the last Wednesday Night Worship we do because attendance was going down, we were getting busy, wasn’t really feeling it etc.
I unloaded the car, sound checked and waited.  6 people show up just before 7:30pm.  I feel as though my feelings were right.   This was probably the last one.  Then a few more trickle in and by the time we’re 15 minutes into the night we’ve got 25 people there.  OK.   I’ll take it.  Not overwhelming but it’ll work.  We get about 4 songs in and a feeling starts to hit me.  Something is really happening in this room.  There are moments in the night where I can feel the hair standing up on my arms, where I’m being led to sing certain words and phrases and not just “end” songs.  There’s a presence that I feel and I can tell that the crowd is feeling it as well.
We get through the 4th song and there’s a guy in the front row who turns around and walks to a guy about half way back in the crowd, says something to him and gives him a hug.  Both of them then come to the front row together and worship.  Loud.  Jumping. Hands raised. Hearts lifted.  At this point, I don’t know what’s going on, I’ll find out after the show.
We get to the prayer time towards the end of the night and Jeff prays with one of the guys in the front row.  A woman comes up to me and asks for prayer.  Her son has been dealing with addiction, with suicidal thoughts, the family needs prayer.  Lots going on.  So we pray together.  Praying that love would invade her home.  That the love of Jesus would break through all that’s going on and that hearts in her home would be drawn to him and drawn to each other.  Prayers for peace.  Understanding.  Love.
We finish the night.  It feels good.  Something happened here tonight.  Just can’t put my finger on it.
I’m talking with a few folks in the back by my table.  Someone comes over and sponsors a child.  Amazing.  Someone comes over and buys some merchandise.  They make a donation.  This is turning out to be a really good night.
Then the guy in the front row comes over and introduces himself to me.  He says that during the 4th song God told him to go and talk to the guy halfway back in the crowd and give him a hug.  The guy half way back in the crowd told him that he had just been praying to God and saying, “God, if you’re real, have that guy in the front row come back here and talk to me.”  Within a minute, the guy in the front row turns around and goes back and talks to him. Go read that paragraph again because you need to understand what happened here.  God spoke to the guy in the front row after the guy half way back in the crowd asked God to make that specific guy talk to him.  These guys didn’t know each other.  Never met.  Didn’t pre-plan this.  God moved in both of their hearts & made this happen.
Further backstory,  the guy halfway back in the crowd had been having suicidal thoughts and has been trying to find a reason to keep it all going.  I speak to him after and tell him to remember this night.  He says there’s no way he could ever forget it.  He said this has changed things.
This is what happens on our gigs.  This is how God moves among his people.  This is why we do what we do.  All we’re trying to do is create a space for God to move and that’s exactly what we did on Wednesday night.
So, needless to say, we are not stopping Wednesday Night Worship in Montclair.  We are going to continue this as long as we can.  A life was literally saved on Wednesday night.  Praise God!
Thanks for reading. Thanks for being a part of this ministry.  If you want to join us, join us at http://www.joindavesband.com so that we can do this more.  So that we can see more lives change and get more people worshiping.
The takeaway?  Never underestimate what God can do in the midst of our own doubt.  In the midst of our own selfishness, God moves. In the midst of our own exhaustion, God moves.  In ways that I could never imagine, God moves.  God uses us when we least expect it.  So expect to be used.  Be open to being used and be drawn closer to Him through it all.
I still get chills when I think of this night.  Hopefully that feeling never leaves. I want to see God move more.  I want to see Him change more lives.  We need that.

10.2.15 – wednesday night worship – happening 10/7/15 in montclair

10.2.15 – so amazing how God works.  we’ve been praying for a venue and a community to embrace a wednesday night worship service…for like 3 years. it’s finally happening.  next wednesday night, 10/7/15, we’re getting together at the Montclair Community Church at 143 Watchung Avenue in Montclair, NJ to worship, pray & just hang together as a community of believers.  we hope you can join us.  it’s going to be pretty relaxed with some great music, a quick message & some prayer.  be sure to join us for the first one & then the first wednesday of every month!  see you there.

RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/922592461129012/
HERE’S AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE NIGHT:  https://montclairdispatch.com/dave-pettigrew-performs/
MORE INFO ON THE CHURCH HERE:  http://www.montclairchurch.net/




The Weekly Walk – 7.22.15

7.22.15 – The Weekly Walk – devotions.

Hey everyone.  Thought I’d share more devotions. Please follow us on Instagram to get these daily.   Here are a few highlights from the last week or so.

7.22.15 – taken from the song “Tear Down the Walls” by Hillsong.  

“This life is yours and hope rising as your Glory fills our hearts, let love tear down these walls.” – John 14:6 says this, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no ones comes to the Father but through me.” When we say this life is yours, do we really mean it? There are tons of entries on Google when you google the phrase “are you all in?”. Sports teams, corporate speakers, self help books….the list goes on and on. Jesus makes it simple. He’s the way, the truth and the life, He’s the only way to the Father. Hope rises when we trust Him. His glory fills our hearts. What does that mean? His glory. He is worthy to be praised, to be honored, to be set apart from anyone or anything else, He is king. Today, as you go through your day, ask “are you all in?”, and what does it mean for you. Prayers up for each of us as we seek Him.

7.21.15 – taken from the song “Cornerstone” by Hillsong

“Through the storm, He is Lord, Lord of all.” – There’s a passage in Mark chapter 4 where Jesus and the disciples are out on the water. Jesus was sleeping in the front of the boat and this storm comes rolling through and almost sinks the boat. The disciples of course are freaking and wake Him up. “Don’t you care if we drown?”, they ask. Jesus looks up and says to the wind and the waves, “Quiet, be still” and it goes completely calm. He looks at the disciples and says, “Why are you so afraid, do you have no faith?” – it’s an amazing story, one that has me shaking my head often, do I really have that kind of faith. I try to. I want to. But in the midst of the storm, can I say that I do. I lean on God daily, I call on Him daily. But this is a kind of faith that is difficult to swallow. Right now, someone reading this is going through a storm, going through some kind of struggle, depression, addiction, pain or suffering. All I can say is this, Jesus is there, with you, saying to you, be calm, be quiet, watch as I calm the waves and silence the wind in your life. It may not seem like it but He is. It may be a long road or a short one you’re on but He is there with you. The question I’ll ask is this “Why are you so afraid, do you not have any faith?”

7.19.15 – taken from the song “Cornerstone” by Hillsong

“Christ alone, cornerstone, weak made strong in the Saviour’s love.” – When we are weak, He is strong. When we have troubles, we can find peace in His arms. When we are worried, we can find relief. When we are hurting, we find in Him healing. When we are tired, He gives us strength. When we are lonely, He holds us. When we are lost, He makes us found. Take a moment at the end of your day and just sit, be silent for a moment and just think on who God is. Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you.

7.16.15 – taken from the song “Our God Is Greater” by Chris Tomlin

“And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, what could stand against us”. – Romans 8:31 says this “what then shall we say in response to these things. If God is for us, than who can be against us.” – As we go through our days today and each day, we are constantly pushed down, told we’re not good enough, told that we’re not working hard enough, not strong enough, not skinny enough, the list goes on. Know this today, God is for you. God is with you. He will never leave you or forsake you. He is there with you through every struggle. I’ll say it again just as Paul said it in Romans, our God is for us, who can stand against us. Take heart and joy in that fact today, no matter what the world throws at you today, God is greater than all of it.

7.15.15 – taken from the song “Our God Is Greater” by Chris Tomlin

“Water You turn into wine, open the eyes of the blind, there’s no one like You, none like You.” – John 2 recites the story of Jesus turning water into wine. 38 other miracles are recited in the gospels. Jesus was in the business of miracles, of making people believe in miracles. Believe in the impossible. There are miracles that we come across every day. Jesus lives in these moments, these daily miracles. He wants us to seek these miracles out and praise Him for them. In the society that we live in, we’re made to believe that everything has to have an answer, there has to be a science to every event. There has to be a reason. Maybe sometimes there isn’t, maybe sometimes it truly is God saying, this is a miracle that I’m sending down to you. Maybe. Do you believe in miracles.

I hope you enjoy these short devotionals.  I encourage you to follow me on either Instagram or Facebook to get these updates & join the conversation.  Thanks so much for reading!  Have a great week.

The Weekly Walk – 7.1.15

7.1.15 – the weekly walk – devotions.

hey everyone!  hope you’re well.  i thought i’d share a few recent posts to Instagram here on the weekly walk.  I’ve been trying to keep up a daily video devotional on Instagram that we then feed over to Facebook & Twitter.  If you haven’t joined us on Instagram, please do:  http://www.instagram.com/davepettigrew – thanks.  Here are 3 days worth of devotions for this week.  Enjoy & let me know your thoughts by clicking through to Facebook & commenting there.  Here’s the address:  http://www.facebook.com/davepettigrewmusic

have a great week!

DAY 1:

Like the rising sun that shines awake my soul, awake my soul and sing. From the darkness comes a light. – I’ve been running for the past year. It’s hard. There are mornings, like today, where I just don’t want to get up. I wonder if the sun ever feels that way. There must be days where it doesn’t feel like shining. It’s job everyday is to be happy. It doesn’t have the option of not shining, sure clouds can get in the way and stop it from shining on us, but it’s still shining. Our souls get tired too but we need to take a lesson from the sun. There are days where we don’t want to get up, where we don’t want to shine, when we just don’t want to “be the Christian” that we know we should be. God, today, help our grumbling, our complacency, help the clouds to part before our eyes so that the sun rising in our souls can shine the light of Jesus on all those we come in contact with. Help our unbelief in ourselves….let us be thankful that you still believe.

DAY 2:

In our hearts Lord, in our nation, awakening. Holy Spirit, we desire…awakening. – It’s Sunday morning. When I was a kid, I remember waking up on Sunday mornings hoping that my parents would sleep in so that we could skip church. Then I would hear the footsteps coming towards my door and my mom or dad would say “come on, wake up, we’re heading out in 30 minutes.” An awakening on a Sunday morning. I would slowly rise and get ready. I’m thankful for those mornings. Thankful that I had someone who loved me enough to take me to church. This morning I hope my kids are a little more excited than i was. I think they enjoy it most of the time. As adults we need to be excited, anticipating Sunday so that we can get up, go to church and learn more about Jesus. We need a spiritual awakening, a moment where our mind resets itself and we feel that pull towards our Savior. Take a moment this morning and every morning this week. Pray for a spiritual awakening. A return to Jesus. A return to prayer. A return to God. You won’t regret it. 

DAY 3:

There’s only grace, there’s only love, there’s only mercy and believe me it’s enough, your sins are gone. – I’ve been leading worship all week long for a group of kids from Virginia. Last night we had a great session. We worshiped, we learned more about God, we learned that we need to dig more into the word of God every day, that we need to fellowship more, eat pizza together more. Most importantly we learned that God loves us just the way we are. His grace, His mercy, His love…..these are the things we need to focus on. Not how we don’t understand God, not how we are never going to be good enough for Him, because we aren’t. We are saved by His grace, by His mercy. Our sins are gone because He first loved us so much that He sent His son to die for us. Today, stand tall knowing that the God who created the universe wants a little company, wants to have a conversation with you.

1.31.15 – The Weekly Walk – With us?


1.31.15 – The Weekly Walk – With us? hey everyone,  hope the week was great.

we’ve been continuing our studies through Rob Bell’s Nooma videos.  This week was titled Trees and it starts off with the question “How is it that our world can be filled with such beauty and such order and such good, and yet at the same time filled with such heartache and such pain?”

i’ve covered this question extensively in other blogs and in a lot of my song writing.  the world is an incredibly beautiful place. but it can also be an incredibly lonely place filled with hurt & pain.  in my songs “even if not” and “closer to you”, we examine this concept more.  “i know my God will rescue me, but even if not, i will worship You tonight”.  “are you really listening, are you really there, do you have the answers, do you really care?”.  these are the questions that these two songs ask and question a lot of us ask every day.  where is God in the beauty, where is God in the pain?  the answer is that He’s there in both of those places and everything in between.  He’s surrounding us every minute, every hour, every day, waiting for us to call out to Him more and more and more. but..what if it still doesn’t feel like He’s there…..

“God says, ‘You can live how you want, or you can live how I created you to live.’ It’s almost as if God says, “it’s your choice”.  it’s still our choice.  ask yourself the question, what does it mean to live the way God created you to live?  God is in the every day, in the every minute.  why does it seem like He’s not there, why does it seem like He doesn’t care.  I find myself asking these questions often.

I live a very ordinary life, God exists on the pages that i read, but doesn’t usually exist in reality…..on most days.  Then i start to think about my days, about the events over the course of the day.  how one decision here made the difference there, how one prayer in the morning resulted in an answer weeks later.  the point i’m making is that we need to be in it…..to be in it.  we can’t expect God to show up when we’re not even asking Him to be part of our day.

Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and our strength, an ever present help in times of trouble” – and i’d like to add….an ever present help in times of “joy” “pain” “doubt”…insert your own feelings here…..

i challenged my band last week.  we prayed that we would “partner” with God on a daily basis as we roll through our weeks.  have we failed in that partnership, absolutely.  have we forgotten to do it some days, absolutely.  does God forgive us and want us to continue trying, absolutely.

Rob continues, “I need a God who’s now.  I need a God who teaches me how to live now.  I need a faith that’s about today, that helps me understand the world that I live in today.”   Does our faith make our lives easier as we go through our days, or do you get more frustrated?  i definitely get frustrated, i definitely sometimes wish that God would be sitting on my bed one morning when i wake up and say “good morning dave, let’s walk together today and i’ll show you how i work with you every day”.  that would be cool…and scary at the same time. but.  in reality, that’s what He’s doing, that’s where faith comes into play.  God is waking up with us every morning.  He’s there when we eat breakfast, lunch, He’s with us when we work at our jobs, when we cry about how our kids are screwing up, when we drive to the supermarket to get food to feed our families.  He’s there.   Think about that for a moment.  Think about your days.  When was God there.  If you can’t think of a moment, think about when you asked Him to be there.  This isn’t a one way conversation, those don’t work.

Prayers up for all of us that we would invite God into our days, into our moments.

Matthew 1:23 “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel which means “God With Us”.

notes from the road – w/o 6/21/14 – 6/28/14

7.4.14 – hey everyone, hope your week is going well & you have an amazing 4th of july.  i wanted to take a few minutes and recap our week in PA, Ocean City & Swedesboro NJ, such an amazing week, so many amazing events & things happened, 9 kids were sponsored, lives were saved, hearts were softened and eyes were opened.  i was updating the facebook community with morning updates each day and wanted to share those updates & a few comments here.  let’s start with that:

Day 1 of 7: Today begins 7 days of worship for the me and the band. I wake up this morning to travel to PA to lead worship at a backyard worship and BBQ service for those in recovery. Prayers up that God would move through the blue skies and sunshine and show these people the hope of Jesus in their lives. #worship

Day 2 of 7: Today I wake up still amazed at what happened yesterday. Absolutely amazing afternoon. Tears fell, hands were raised. 1 man named Chris gave his life to The Lord, 3 kids were sponsored via @worldvisionusa. Today we head to Ocean City, NJ. Worship concert tonight at 7:00pm at the Ocean City Tabernacle. Pray for the high schoolers that will be there, some hearing worship for the first time. God move in all of us again.
comment: May God continue to bless you this week as you are truly His hand, feet and voice. Have a great day in OC and beyond.

Day 3 of 7: I wake up this morning exhausted. We left so much on the stage last night. God tore down walls, some that have been standing for decades. Our prayers are with Lynn, who has suffered more than anyone should. Our prayers are with so many last night that experienced God in a whole new way. New life, awakening, rebirth, we pray for all of these things. 5 kids sponsored via @worldvisionusa, so many lives changed. Prayers for today that God would change us more, open our eyes more so that we can dig deeper.
comment: Dave, You , Jeff, Tommy, Stepan and Frank are an inspiration to Me. The work You all do for the kingdom is incredibly powerful ! I thank You for all You do! You are all the definition of “Walking the walk”! God Bless Bro!

comment: Awesome night of worship!! You are a blessing to so many! Praying for your time in OC this week!

Day 4 of 7: It slowly begins to sink in. Worship changes things. I wake up this morning, changed a little more. We led last night for just about a hundred high school kids. By the end of the service, we could feel God’s presence stirring in the room. How he loves us indeed. Worship changes things. Worship chips away at walls, at pride, at doors that are closed and begins to gently pry them open. Gently revealing our need for a Saviour. Our need for God. Our need for Jesus. Prayers today that these kids would continue to sense that need stirring in their souls. That we all would feel Him drawing closer to us as we draw closer to Him through our worship. Spirit lead us. Worship changes things.
comment:  Awesome! Heavenly Father, we pray that you continue to work mightily in these young lives. May you continue to do His kingdom work and bless many with the words and music that you share Dave.

Day 5 of 7: God is asking us to dig deeper, to explore the reason for worship. I’m talking a little bit this morning on what worship is, why we do it. Brennan Manning writes this: “If you want to benefit from worship, you have to allow yourself to be loved, as you are, not as you should be.” Yesterday was amazing, again. Worship started the day, worship ended the day. It will be the same today. This constant push towards drawing closer to God continues to change all of us. These kids that we’re leading are asking great questions, wanting to know more. I’m asking more questions, trying to find more answers. God, our prayer today is this: In the midst of our humanness, of our faults and our messiness, You are here. Help us to love ourselves as we are, not as we should be. Help us to let down our guard, drop our egos, our fears, so that you can show us your incredible love for us. Take us deeper, draw us closer.
comment: Allowing ourselves to be loved as we are is a key to life that opens the the door to greatest adventures
comment: Worship is a great way to start the day. Even if you’re simply walking the dog and singing praise worship by yourself.

Day 6 of 7: I wake up this morning still in awe of the way God moved last night. It is a night that I will remember for the rest of my life. So grateful to actually have been a part of it. Tears fell, hearts were opened, decisions were made and lives were changed. When God takes hold of you, things change. When you allow God to take hold of you, things change. I still really can’t put into words how amazing it is when the Holy Spirit moves through a room. To hear over 100 voices in unison sing “hold us Jesus”. To hear the cries of hearts longing for Jesus to take over leaves me speechless. Worship changes things.

Day 7 of 7: I wake this morning a little disappointed that we’re not leading worship until this evening in Swedesboro, NJ. It’s so amazing to start and end your day in worship. God continues to stir my soul towards Him, towards the idea that worship is indeed a daily need, a daily honor. As you go through today, worship, thank Him, praise Him for what you have, for what He’s done and will do in your life today. Focus on today, tomorrow will take care of itself. This week has changed me, God continues to change all of us.
comment: beautiful Dave- when focusing on the present, we are able to allow God’s truth of who we are pour into us.. soothing us, healing us…that is where  worship brings us… when we sit in front of papa God and he whispers to our soul all of the beauty that we are… we are healed and made whole. Thank you for your obedience in bringing the greatest gift of love to people- God’s presence

Day 8 of 7: Another great night of worship last night. We never know how God uses our talents. The words we say, the music we play, all that we do, He uses in ways that we can’t imagine. I’ve started getting feedback from the week, kids reaching out, wanting more, needing more worship, more Jesus. So great to hear. I’m encouraged. As tired as we are, we could keep going, keep pushing the message. Jesus changes things, worship changes things. Today, through the sunshine and the blue skies, take a moment to look up, thank Him, for the good and the bad, it’s all part of a larger plan. Father, continue to change us, move us and draw us closer.

So as you can see, absolutely incredible week.  If you’re still with me here and reading this, thanks.  I can’t really put into words the week, because that’s how God moves.  He does things that change us without us even knowing, He pushes us gently, sometimes not so gently closer to Him.  The key is that we have to want to be drawn closer, we need open hearts & minds as we seek Him.  He continues to reveal Himself to us.  So amazing, Matthew 6:33, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you”.  That’s one of the first verses i taught my kids. It’s all about seeking Him, wanting more of Him in your life.  God, my prayer is that every person in the sound of my voice during this week heard Your voice louder. That every person was moved by You and drawn closer to You through the worship that was given to You.  God continue to move in all of us.   Worship changes things.

bbqworship oceancity1 oceancity2 swedesboro


Worship this weekend. 3/8 & 3/9.

hey everyone,  just a quick reminder that we’re leading worship this weekend in Babylon, NY on Saturday 3/8 at the first presbyterian church of Babylon at 7pm and then on Sunday 3/9 at Liquid Church in Morristown at the Hyatt Morristown, 3 Headquarters Plaza at 9am / 1030am / 12noon.  stop by http://www.davepettigrew.net/tour for more information on the shows.

make your way out to the Saturday night show if you’re in LI, it’s going to be a great night of worship, stories & songs.


Look forward to seeing you there!