4.7.17 – The Weekly Walk. Response required.

4.7.17 – the weekly walk – Response required.

Good afternoon.  First of all, thank you for all who tuned in on Monday night on Facebook.  We really had a great night of worship and prayer.  Here’s one comment that I got that I wanted to share with you all.  I’ll keep the name anonymous but this was soooo encouraging:

“Hi Dave, Thank you for your music and the faith and hope behind it. At your live Facebook feed last night I was feeling helpless and hopeless. I turned to Jesus (and your music) and felt so blessed to have all these people praying for me when they didn’t know me. That is faith, love, and hope at its best. Most of all it was Jesus embracing us all with his love. Hope came back and I’m so grateful.”

I can’t begin to tell you what emails like this do to us as a band.  The encouragement that we get from you guys really keeps us going.  Thank you.

Here’s the facebook livestream if you missed it:

4.3.17 – Monday Night Worship

Share this livestream. thanks! Monday night worship w/ davepettigrew.

Posted by Dave Pettigrew on Monday, April 3, 2017

I was reading in John earlier this week. Here’s the scene.  Jesus was just convicted, beaten, tortured and crucified.  They lay Him in the tomb and the disciples and all those that loved Him and believed in Him are devastated.  They mourn, they weep.  Mary Magdalene is at the tomb on the third morning, she’s there early.  She sees that the stone has been rolled away and runs back to Peter exclaiming “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we don’t know where they have put Him!”.  She’s distraught.  Peter hears the news and runs to the tomb, sees that he’s not there and then heads back home. Mary, stands outside the tomb weeping.  She sees two angels sitting there.  They ask her, “why are you crying”.  First of all, if I see two angels hanging out by a tomb, I’d be a bit overwhelmed, but Mary takes it all in stride.  She tells them, “they have taken my Lord away”.  Did it dawn on her that she was talking to angels?  Did she find this odd at all?  What did they sound like?  How tall were they?  So many questions, but I digress.  She turns around and sees “the gardener” or who she thinks is the gardener and says, “Sir, if you’ve carried him away, tell me where you’ve put him.”  The gardener says “Mary.”, That one word and she realizes that it’s Jesus.  The risen Jesus.

That one word. Her name.  Mary.  Jesus speaks her name and she knows that it’s Him.

How many times does Jesus speak our names to us?  How many times do we actually hear Him speak to us?   Are we listening?  Do we want to hear?  Are we willing to hear?  Would we respond if we heard him speak?  These are good questions, hard questions. Questions that demand answers.

Our lives.  The way we live.  The words we speak.  The decisions we make.  The way we treat other people.  The way we care about other people.  These are all actions that respond to Jesus.  Jesus is speaking to us every day.  It may not be an audible, booming voice that God sends down from heaven.  It may be the interaction we have with others every day.  It may be the person that serves us coffee.

I truly believe that Jesus is in the midst of our every day life.  Of our every day struggles.  Of our every day joys & pains.

How do we respond?  That’s the question.  Do we run away from Him or do we run to Him.  I try to run to Him, I really do but life is so full of distractions.  There’s family and work and movies and tv shows and music and the dog and the fish and the lawn needs mowing and the laundry and my phone and there’s Facebook……the list goes on.

Lord, today, help us to respond.  Respond more. Respond more often.  Respond with willing hearts.  Help us to hear when you call our name.  Help us to be the world that you see.  Help us to be a reflection of you.

The Weekly Walk. Closer. 10/18/14

10.17.14 – The Weekly Walk. Closer.

Thanks for your thoughts & feedback on the last post regarding the song, Teach Me How To Drive.  it’s amazing to see how this music relates to so many different aspects of our lives.

This week I wanted to walk through the second cut on the album “Somebody I’m Supposed To Be”.  It’s called “Closer To You” and from the first opening lines, it’s a very tough song to write about, sing & listen to at times….

Sometimes I feel like You’re a thousand miles away
And deep inside I fight this war
The phone line must be down, do You hear me when I pray
Or am I just a thorn that you ignore.

The struggle continues.  We continue to search for & need God, even when it seems like he’s not listening.

We’ve been playing this song out for over 9 years now.  The response that I’ve gotten has been really incredible.  Emails & conversations at shows have been deep.  This is a song that I wrote down on paper, played through the opening lines & chorus, and then basically threw into the trash can.  I didn’t think this would resonate with anyone.  Then the more that I thought about it, I thought about how much it resonated with me.  Surely there are others out there who feel the same way.

I didn’t base this on scripture at all when it was written.  Since then I’ve found numerous Psalms that have this concept included within the text.  The song could easily be based on Psalm 77.  The Psalmist pleads with the Lord;

“I cried out to God for help, I cried out to God to hear me.  
When I was in distress, I sought the Lord;  at night I stretched out untiring hands,
And I would not be comforted.”

After a friend hipped me to this scripture, it all made sense.  This struggle has been going on for thousands of years.  People crying out to God, yearning for answers, for responses, for any kind of input into their lives.  Myself included.  Sometimes it’s frustrating being a Christian.  Sometimes God doesn’t answer, or let me put it this way, sometimes God doesn’t answer the way that we want him to answer.

I was reading Brennan Manning the other day.  This really kind of sums it up “Because we approach the Gospel with preconceived notions of what it should say rather than what it does say, the Word no longer falls like rain on the parched ground of our souls”.   Heavy, heavy words.  So true.  Hard to admit, but when we get down to it, truth.

The chorus of the song goes on to plead:

Are you really listening, are you really there
Do you have the answers, do you really care
I’m lost inside a maybe, what else can I do
Help me find a way, lead me closer to You

So this is the bottom line.  Being drawn closer to God even though sometimes it feels like He’s nowhere near us.   I approach this in another song as well called “Even If Not”.  We are here, God is up there.

Kind of.

It’s not until we believe that He is here with us, that he’ll start working with us.  We need to exercise our faith to grow.  We need to communicate with God more.  This is a two way conversation.  I can say with conviction, that He is here.  Even on the days when it feels like He’s not.  He is.  Walking with us, walking beside us.    Take the time, daily, to be drawn closer to Him.  Read the bible more, spend more time in prayer.  Worship more.  Change will come.

I pray that each of us is drawn closer & closer as we let God permeate our daily walk.