2.4.17 – The Weekly Walk – Who is God….really.

2.4.17 – The Weekly Walk – Who is God…really.

Hey everyone, hope the week is going great.  We had a great night of worship on Monday night on our Facebook Live Stream.  Join us if you haven’t already done so at http://www.daveonfacebook.com at around 8:30pm and be sure to sign up for the email list at http://www.davesemaillist.com to get the updates.

So this week were were talking about how we are in God’s heart and how we’ve always been there and always will be there.  We don’t always have that feeling though because we have a distorted image of God.  An image that has to be smashed like the idols had to be smashed in the Exodus story.

Again, I have my friend Dave Edwards to thank for these insights into the heart of God.

A lot of us have this vision of God as being this uncaring, judgmental, score-keeping, constantly angry God who makes up rules that we can’t possibly keep.  An image of a God that is ticked off about a certain sin that we constantly are struggling with and that he holds that against us. Bottom line is….He doesn’t.  That’s why He sent Jesus here.

This image of God is what a lot of the folks in the Old Testament were struggling with. They were constantly trying to reduce God to their own image and attempting to control Him.

Then Jesus came and everything changed.  Everything.  He came to show us the true image of God.  A loving, caring, merciful, wonderful, generous, forgiving God who cares deeply about us.  Everyday. A God who listens to prayers and answers them.  A God who cancels our debts and longs after our hearts.

Breaking up with our false images of God may be painful but it has to be done.  We have to smash the false image that we have of God and realize that we are His children, who He loves dearly and He is our Daddy, our intimate Father who cares deeply for us.

Today, rest in that thought.  Rest in knowing that Jesus is here and He loves you with a love that we really can’t fathom and it’s hard sometimes to feel it but He’s here.  He’s here with you right now. Rest in His arms and let him hold you.

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